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Call for papers SK/CS nr 3/2016    


United Kingdom – political and social issues after six years of Conservative governments. 


1. British world of politics:

- the political situation after the 2015 general election;

- the crisis within the Labour Party; Jeremy Corbyn as the new leader; reshuffles within the ranks of the Shadow Cabinet; Jo Cox's murder; spectacular individual losses of experienced MPs;  etc.

- Cameron's two resignations; May becomes the new PM; May's governmental reshuffle; moving away from „Cameronism,” the issue of grammar schools; the conflict between health minister and NHS; the issue of „Trident”; etc.

- the crisis within the Liberal Democrats; seats in HoC go down 80%; Tim Farron as the new leader; spectacular election losses of experienced MPs; autobiography of Nick Clegg; etc.

2. UK after the Brexit referendum; truth and lies in the campaign; politicians' reaction to the result; journalists' comments; economic and political projections; May's negotiations with the EU; etc.

3. The effects of Cameron's geovernment welfare reforms;

4. Cameron's and May's immigration policies;

5. Church of England's reforms – women bishops; the Church's policies towards homosexuals, controvelsial investments (shadow banks); policies towards paedophiles within its own ranks; financial compensations; etc.

6. All articles touching upon Great Britain in general (for example the last paper issue of the Independent, third runway at Heathrow; by-elections between 2010-2016; SNP result in 2015; Scottish referendum; West Lothian question; John Bercow and his speakership; law allowing gay couples to marry; etc. 

We invite you to submit articles on the matter. Please send it to us:

Deadline – January, 15th, 2017.